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Slippery surface accident

Have you been injured due to someone else’s negligence? Killion Law Firm can represent you to get the proper compensation.


Get the experience of an entire team. When you have been injured in a public place or at a place of business, they may have an entire team working to save them money. When you are represented by Killion Law Firm, you get more than just one lawyer. You get a team dedicated to getting you the best possible results.

Get the justice you deserve

Get help no matter where you have been injured:

  • Malls

  • Amusement parks

  • Restaurants

  • Public bathrooms

  • Parking lots

  • Other public places

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You can get help no matter where you have been injured

And no matter the type of surface:

  • Uneven pavements

  • Wet or slippery sidewalk surfaces

  • Elevator accidents

  • Escalator accidents

  • Stairs accidents

  • Hidden defects

  • Extension cords